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Polishing stages will involve one or probably several of the following. 

If more than one stage is needed, then they will be in the order shown.

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Brush or mop Composition Purpose
Preparation Buffing sticks  1000 or even 2000 and beyond Get ready for polishing. (3000 for platinum).
Scratch brush Water & fairy liquid Cleaning patterned or intricate pieces.
(1) Black bristle brush, coarse Brushing Emery, Albo Grease Stage :1 Coarse polishing, Removes Fire Stain
(1) Black bristle brush, medium Brushing Emery, Albo Grease Stage :1 Coarse polishing, Removes Fire Stain
(1) Black bristle brush, small Brushing Emery, Albo Grease Stage :1 Coarse polishing, Removes Fire Stain
(2) B mop, (4" x ˝" = 10.16 x 1.27cm)  Lustre / Tripoli  (Brown) or Britelea 2000D  (Green bar) Stage: 2 First stage of Shine
Dolly Mop for napkin rings    
(3)  Reflex mop softer Swansdown Burns rouge  AA Rouge small jar cotton wool with paraffin Stage: 3 Final bright polish
Extra special! Pure Gloss no cut! Menzerna P175  SF  Menzerna M5 SF Cut factor 0 Gloss Factor 10 - No cleaning!
Other techniques
Ring Felt (pumice block)

Lustre / Tripoli  (Brown bar )

Hard technique to master but keeps it sharp!
Knife edge felt Pumice powder mixed with vegetable oil Good for bowls of spoons etc.
Orgasmic Sateen Polishing Mop Satin Wheel Fine A Grade 4"x1" = 102 x 50cm (Firmer) Cutting or various sateen finishes
Goat Hair very fine white Whitening / Vienna Lime Polish very fine, textured or fragile work
Goat Hair very fine white Vienna Lime  + Menzerna or Burns Rouge Pave, with more sparkle
Oxidization Platinol Deep black or pale grey finishes are achieved.
Frosting brush fine or heavy   Frosting like sandblasted finish
Handy Chuck Lacquer Frigelene  clear!  Ercalene for Brass as it has a slight tint  

Author: Stephen M Goldsmith FIPG -MNGG


Polishing Gold & Silver.
Rouge has always commonly been used but compounds like the Burns rouge and P175.

 If you are after a clear mirror finish then P175 is worth looking at.

Process 1 (Polishing) Brown Tripoli Compound with a Loose B quality mop
Process 2 (Finishing) Rouge Menzerna (Yellow Metal) P175 or (White metal) M5 with a G quality or  Reflex mop.

Precious expensive metal. Harder than gold or silver to polish.
Orange stitch mop with Nikko grey platinum compound

White or yellow stitch mop with carrot rouge , Menzerna white, PT' Platinum Polish - T890023, Midori from Japan

Pendant motor tools

Micro Mesh Polishing Paper - TE50

Flexi Files - TP8 A Four way flexible micro-mesh file. Cushioned abrasive in 150mx (DARK GREY) 2400,(PINK) 4000 (WHITE) and 12000 grade (GREY) silicon carbide and aluminium oxide,

Polishing Sticks - TP6 A great alternative to Water of Ayr Stone.

Satin Finishing.
Still have to remove major surface imperfections and scratches etc. Excellent at blending in jobs.

Available in four grades. Important to remember that each grade contains a grit but they do not have to cut or finish of a true abrasive, they give a much softer finish.
Very Fine A- 280 grit
Fine A -180 grit
Medium A - 120 grit
Coarse A - 80 grit

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Author: Stephen M Goldsmith  FIPG - MNGG

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